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Apex Orchard's History

Our farm has been in the family for seven generations. Abner Peck Sr. came here from Lyme, CT in 1828 and purchased the land which is now known as Apex Orchards. He was a soldier in the American Revolution and his ancestors had been in Connecticut since 1634.

The farm was originally run as a diversified farm as most farms of that era were. There were cattle, sheep, horses and pigs. The farm grew all the fodder for the livestock and also grew vegetables for the family and apples. Most of what was produced on the farm was used on the farm, but some of the meat, apples and dairy products were sold.

My great-grandfather changed the direction of the farm towards a dairy operation with the cream being sold. At this time there were also a large flock of chickens with the eggs being sold in town as well. My grandfather, Lyndon Peck, didn’t care for dairying and as he took over the farm he changed it into the fruit growing operation that we know today. The last dairy cows were sold in 1946 and Apex Orchards has been a fruit growing farm since then. The farm had been known as A.L. Peck and Son when my grandfather and his family came up with the name Apex. This was partly in tribute to his father Austin and also because the orchard sits at the apex of this hill that grows such spectacular fruit.

My parents continued to expand the farm. Apex Orchards was mainly a wholesale apple orchard selling apples across America and Europe. In the late 1990’s the decision was made to move the farm into a more retail oriented market, which has been a great success with the help of our wonderful customers. In 2011 we purchased an additional 175 acres of land right up the road from our farm. This was part of the original Peck family farm from 1828 and we are glad to have it back in the family. It will give us and future generations the land to diversify and expand the farm.

Today Apex Orchards grows a wide array of tree fruits, apples, peaches, nectarines, apricots, quince, pears, Asian pears, blueberries, table grapes and kiwi. We sell at stores throughout the local area, at farmers markets and of course right here at the farm. This is without a doubt one of the top fruit growing areas in the world. The soils, the micro-climates, the varieties all combine to give our customers the best tasting fruit possible.

Visit our farm soon!
Tim Smith

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